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2ndWave Software was formed in 2007 by veteran software executives Chris Heim and Dan Mayleben. Its mission is to invest in small to mid-size software companies and grow them into larger, more sustainable companies with greater and broader benefit to their customers.



December 2012: 2ndWave Software acquired Axium of Portland, Oregon, a leading developer of project management and accounting software for engineering and architecture firms. Chris Heim and Dan Mayleben have joined the company as CEO and CFO, respectively.


The acquisition reflects our continued commitment and focus on providing industry-leading solutions to help its clients grow. “Axium is a vertical market leader with talented and dedicated employees, unmatched solutions, a loyal customer base and significant ongoing organic growth,” said Heim, Axium CEO.


Axium will remain devoted to enhancing and supporting its product, Ajera, from its headquarters in Portland. www.axium.com


For more information, please contact:

Dan Mayleben at dan@2ndwavesoftware.com 612-965-1911

Chris Heim at chris@2ndwavesoftware.com 612-965-1901

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